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Apples to Apples was created by the Ohio Public Utility Commission (PUCO) to serve as the official site for comparison for natural gas and electricity in the state. Its mission is to assist Ohio citizens compare energy prices and contract terms.

PUCO also assists Ohio residents in making informed decisions by providing an apples-to-apples comparison price. This includes electric customer rights, information about how electricity is generated and distributed in the state, and ways to switch to an alternative provider.

Best Ohio Energy Supplier

The right Ohio energy supplier is important for all. You require reliable service that is affordable and has excellent customer service, no matter if you’re a business or an individual. There are a variety of options to you in order to locate the best supplier in an Ohio market that is not regulated.

We provide the energy choice that Ohio residents and businesses have come to trust. From renewable energy and contract terms to superior customer service, we can offer you a plan that meets your goals.

Ohio Electric Rates & Plans

The cheapest electric rates in Ohio are available from many providers and the most affordable option is typically found in your region. Start by entering your zip code to find the lowest electric price in your area. The site will display a list with the most popular electric providers within your region and their rates.

ElectricRate can also be used to compare electric rates in your region. This web-based tool lets you quickly and easily find the lowest electric rates in your region and switch to a new service.

In contrast to Apples to Apples that only displays a list of rates in random order and doesn’t offer any context for the various contract terms or companies, ElectricRate allows you to sort by features that matter most to you, meaning you can narrow your search and find the best deal.

Additionally, ElectricRate includes a free energy analysis to help you determine the best way to save on your energy costs. Our experts will help you through the process and offer suggestions that will save you money.

To assist you in understanding the ways our plans can help your business grow and to get acquainted with the most current industry standards We offer a no-cost trial plan. Our energy experts will be in touch when you sign up to answer any questions.

Our experts in energy can help you understand your options, secure the most favorable terms for renewable energy, renewable energy and customer service for you business. You can locate the ideal plan for your business by using our online tools and expert guidance in less than five minutes.

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