PA Electric Choice – The Power To Choose Your Electricity Supplier

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As one of the 15 states with a deregulated energy market, Pennsylvania residents have the power to choose their electricity supplier. This option gives them the ability to compare rates, select a plan with the best services and realize potential savings on their energy costs. This power comes from the state’s electricity choice program, also known as PA Electric Choice.

With a single visit to the state-monitored website PA Power Switch, homeowners can discover and sign up for an energy plan that fits their household’s needs. The site allows residents to search for energy plans based on their ZIP code, plan type and length of term. Once they have entered this information, dozens of different providers reveal their available plans and rates. Residents can then click to learn more about each offer and, if they wish, instantly start their new energy relationship.

The site was launched to coincide with Pennsylvania’s electric deregulation, which gave residents the opportunity to shop for a new provider outside of their local utility company. The portal is operated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, which regulates energy services for thousands of different entities across the state. This includes power companies, railroads and telecommunications. The site provides a wealth of resources and additional information on various electricity considerations as well as tips on saving energy beyond simply choosing a lower rate.

In addition to allowing consumers to comparison-shop for new electricity rates and plans, the website offers additional information on energy conservation initiatives, rebate programs and appliance recycling tips. Its educational offerings also include a guide for understanding energy bills and an explanation of the different types of electricity products available to households in the state.

While the website was originally created to help educate consumers on their options in the deregulated energy market, it has since grown to be a helpful resource for many residents looking for the right energy solution for their homes. The PA Power Switch website features a wide variety of articles on a number of electricity-related topics as well as a search tool that can help homeowners find the best rates for their area.

The website also explains how to calculate your home’s energy usage so that you can determine which plan would be the most effective for your particular household. It also covers the benefits of choosing a variable-rate plan as opposed to a fixed-rate one, including the fact that you can take advantage of lower rates during certain months. The site is an invaluable resource for anyone in the state of Pennsylvania who is interested in taking control of their energy consumption and lowering their utility bill. Using the site can be as easy as entering your ZIP code and comparing the latest offers from a range of PA electricity providers. Afterward, you can even take advantage of the other tools offered on the site, like an online calculator and an energy marketplace where you can shop by your ZIP code and energy type.

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